DANBY 데님 자켓


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겉감: 100% 면.옷 안감: 86% 폴리, 5% 기타 섬유, 4% 면, 3% 모직, 2% 폴리아미드.소매 안감: 100% 폴리. 연한 페이딩과 디스트로이드 디테일. 앞 버튼 잠금. 단추달린 커프. 버튼 플랩 가슴 포켓. 옆주머니. 수입상품. Revolve 스타일 번호 ALLR-MO6. 제조사 스타일 번호 MA002S.

Founded in East London in 1994, AllSaints breaks through the noise to offer something different. Cult leather jackets and signature biker boots - it's what they do. Prints you weren't expecting, and accessories you'll keep coming back for. It's about innovation, about turning your back on the trends and making your own rules, a uniform without uniformity. AllSaints is an attitude, wear it your way.